They are talking about Volt

Volt is our lifelong dream
for the taxi services in Sofia


As customers of various local taxi companies over the years, we have always been disappointed by the quality of the service: from unfriendly drivers to old and badly maintained vehicles, we believe that they do not represent our city in the best possible way. Countless times our families and friends have complained of a bad service, either for themselves or for their foreign guests.

On the other hand, whenever we travel to Europe, we have always been inspired by the luxury taxi vehicles and the quality of the service. Therefore we decided to create the only premium taxi service in Sofia. Because we are more than just a taxi, we offer the ultimate passenger experience!

We set the bar to the highest standards.
Our customers deserve the best experience and quality service. Our chauffeurs always wear a uniform. Our chauffeurs always open the door and greet you as your private butler. The luxury perfumes in our premium BMW and Mercedes vehicles make you feel relaxed and there is always a complimentary bottle of water, a premium magazine Forbes or EVA for your inspiration and relaxation.

If your phone is running out of battery, make sure to charge it with the free charging cables we provide. You want to ride in silence? No problem! Just mark your request during the booking process and your driver will respect your privacy.

We really go a long way in making sure your ride is as comfortable as possible, while keeping it affordable as well!


Welcome aboard the ultimate passenger experience! Book today and we believe you will be impressed. Yes, such service exists in Sofia. The name is Volt.

Ognyan Popov and Julian Mavrodiev (Founders of Taxi Volt)


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Volt Pricing

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Corporate clients

If you operate a hotel or you would like to book our services for company executives and guests, please contact us through the form below!

The Volt experience

Affordable luxury for your next ride


Premium electric and hybrid vehicles


Drivers who have been carefully selected, trained and always wearing Volt uniforms

Special requests and features available during the booking process


Always clean vehicles, our inspectors make sure the vehicles are well maintained at all times

You`d like to listen to a particular radio? Or maybe to turn up the temperature? Simply request through the Volt app and our drivers will take note.


Inspectors take care of safety and comfort details during weekly vehicle inspections

You would like to order a taxi for a specific time and day? You`re welcome to do so!


Certified First Aid drivers

We speak English and a few other languages, try our language skills, we dare you!